Find better off-screen family activities related to children's on-screen interests.


Know not only your children's screen usage, but their interests too.

See what apps your children spent most time with and why they are interested in them.

Discover the family activities that both your children and you will enjoy, finally.

Pie is not a typical event-finder app. It learns your children’s interests from their favorite games and apps, and recommends the most intriguing events, locations, and activities that your children will find enjoyable. Share the list with your children and pick your place to go on the weekend. It encourages them to explore the real world.

Family activities matter even more than you think.

More and more, the screen steals away the time with the people you love. With Pie, we hope you can help your children find a better balance between screen and real life.

We are Team Artboard, a group of designers who care about ​quality family time in the digital age.

Pie is born out of the hope for helping parents to communicate with their kids on screen time and content consumption.
Ruitao Liang
Chief Marketing Officer
Interaction designer who focuses on create dynamic ways to improve communication.
Tara Lin
Chief Financal Officer
I’m an interaction designer from San Francisco. My research and study focus on fostering connections between people, education and social goods. I see every day of my life as a learning experience.​
Elvin Qin
Chief Technology Officer
Elvin, born in China and based in USA, is working as a graphic designer in Team Artboard. He is passionate about making social impact with graphic design.​
Aosheng Ran
Chief Executive Officer
An interaction designer who is passionate in education and ethical design.​

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